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My name is CARTAILLER Clémence, I'm a French therapist.

I have been living in south for quite a long time. For the past two years, i have worked as a therapist giving massages.

I learnt different kinds of massage in India two months ago and have incorporated it with what i have learnt here in France. I opened Elixir des Sens  one year ago in a small village called Vers pont du Gard ( between Nimes and Avignon).

I give differents kinds of massages which bring balance and harmony to the human body and also help in the wellbeing of the individual such as :

- Swedish massage which is very relaxing and soothing with the use of grapes oil

- Ayrvedic massages which works not only on relaxing the body but also calming the mind

- Balines : Relaxing, inspired of Thai and Indian technics, it's a balance between body and spirit

- Reflexology Thaie : this massage is inspired by thai technics and works energising the lines along the thigh and calf. It helps in the circulation of blood.

- Pierres chaudes : Is a type of massage which originate from Hawai. It helps to calm and release the tension in the muscles.

-Minceur : helps stimulate blood circulation and strenthens the muscle tissues.

I create events and offer promotional packages every months for the clients. I'm so flexible to work with the client on the duration and kind of massage of his or her choice. I can provide massages at the clients residence also if he or she cannot come tho the center.

Massage is a great way to enhance your well-being, recuce stress and help with the proper functioning of your body.


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En juste 1 mot GÉNIAL. Des mains en or!!!! Merci encore 🤩

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Merci Clémence, massage californien et massage japonais du visage, u...

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Coucou Clemence je sors de chez vous votre massage japonais du visage est...

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Un super moment, je n'hésiterai pas à y retourner ! Clémence et douce et ...